Going To Be Without Tunes For Awhile

TheChemistTheChemist Posts: 13
edited March 13 in 2 Channel Audio
Few months ago had my internals rebuilt and did all the good things to my SDA-2B's. Sounding wonderful. Noticed when I increased or decreased the volume on my Krell KSL it crackled. Then, after about 15-20 minutes, there seemed to be some fading from the right (facing channel). Crap. Okay. I have a RMA from Krell. I am having to send this back and will also be sending my CAL Delta back East for tuning. Some CD's are scraping on something inside the transport and won't play. Ugh. I HATE being without tunes.
I am going to suffer. I'll send back Express Mail and hope to get them both within a couple of weeks. Until then....


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