My polk audio magnifi one 240w sound bar with wireless subwoofer BROKE!!!

I live in Mongolia. And bought "polk audio magnifi one 240w sound bar with wireless subwoofer" on
Order Number: A2019011309281042718
Order Date: 01/13/2019
Model: Magnifi One x System
Serial Number: AM8114091844787
from Adorama website.
When it came to Mongolia after days off shipping on 01/29/2019 i picked up the package to setup it wouldn't work. After plugging out/in "power" and push the reset button it finally worked. That wasn't a big deal, I was glad that it worked. "fwew no shipping damage luckily i thought"

After that it worked fine. Sometimes when I connect my phone or notebook with bluethooth it sounded ridiculous, very very bad. What i mean with bad mean is very very cracking sound, like damaged soundbar. I thought it was an issue with the bluethooth device on the soundbar. Sometimes it was ok.
But yesterday night on 1/27/2019 2.30am in the middle of the night it made "some weird noise came two times from the soundbar" like something fell on the floor I thought. The Soundbar was turned off but was plugged into the wall. "had electricity"
I got up because of the noise saw to my tv "thats where my soundbar was" no light was coming out of the soundbar for safety I unplugged "electricity" the device slept. Tomorrow morning I got up plugged the soundbar it was dead. I attached a picture please see " it smells something like burned cables"
No lights no nothing. But the subwoofer has lights. I guess it's ok.

Like I said above I don't live in the States, shipping was very very expensive. I thought Polk American Brand "very good" saw reviews was good that was the reason why I bought,
but I'm very upset now with this product that it worked only almost a month :(
I paid for the shipment 90$ us dollars "from US to mongolia" if I ship it back to the US it would cost me "arround ~260$ us dollars" I'm very very upset and sad :((((

I have registered my product on your website but unfortunately I can not find it.
What should I do??? please help give me any advice
Thank you for the answer
Djorj Doyod from Mongolia5gqflb4jdapb.jpg

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  • djorjdjorj Posts: 4
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Kim
    My system has been replaced by Polk.
    I have a new soundbar now. Everything works now.
    Thank you for the help.


  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 41,555
    Hello Djorj,

    It appears there is no longer anyone from Polk monitoring this forum to help with issues like yours. It would best to send an email directly to Polk.

    Political Correctness'.........defined

    "A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a t-u-r-d by the clean end."

  • djorjdjorj Posts: 4
    edited March 6
    Hi F1nut,
    thank you for the answer, I've send 14 days ago to polk.
    No answer still waiting and I found this forum, thought it might help.
    Thank you for the answer
  • Sowers1LSowers1L Posts: 1
    Enables your sound bar to learn your TV's original IR remote control iTunes Login.
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 13,134
    DaveHo wrote: »

    Works for def tech now.
  • I have sent this to Kim Jasper for assistance.
  • djorjdjorj Posts: 4
    Hey all thank you for the help.
    Polk audio has replaced my unit.
    thank you all!!!
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