SurroundBar SDA - program Harmony Smart Control remote

We have the old school SurroundBar SDA and are trying to program a Logitech Harmony Smart Control remote (uses a hub) to operate the Polk soundbar. Anyone had success with this? I am aware the soundbar uses IR but the Harmony is supposed to be able to work with any type signal, or so we thought. Thanks for any help!


  • Mikey081057Mikey081057 Posts: 6,434
    Mine just selects a generic device called Polk Amp in the logitech setup and it works
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  • joysjunkjoysjunk Posts: 2
    Mine just selects a generic device called Polk Amp in the logitech setup and it works

    Is your soundbar the older model specifically called SurroundBar SDA? Harmony setup makes me pick Polk Audio then also pick a model, which is SurroundBar SDA. After doing that, it still will not allow the hub to power it on. In the past, this particular soundbar relies on the Learn/Remote button to program any remote and then you have to hold it nearby etc. I also tried that with the Harmony remote, but the Harmony remote itself is RF (I believe) and relies on the hub to send the IR signal to the device (again, I believe I understand it to be this way). I’ve tried “teaching” the hub as a workaround and so far no luck with that approach either.
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