Polk Omni Power Issue

I have a Polk Omni soundbar that has always worked like a charm. I have recently transported it a great distance, but handled with much care. Now that we are getting it set up again, we've run into a problem. We have everything hooked up like normal, but for some reason, every three minutes it turns off and back on again. In order to get sound again, we have to press the power button. We've tried everything to fix it. Most people on the internet say that we don't have a strong enough signal, but that is false because it does the same using the Aux. import. We have also tried 3 different TVs. I think it is a problem with the stand-by feature. Anyone have any suggestions to fix this? Can we turn off the stand-by feature so it always stays on?
Thanks to anyone who replies.


  • filefolder3filefolder3 Posts: 2
    Just found out that it does NOT turn off while using internet services like IHeartRadio. It must be a problem with the stand-by feature on incoming signals, like optical and Auxiliary.
  • Ved99Ved99 Posts: 4
    Have you found the solution yet?
  • Ved99Ved99 Posts: 4
    Alright, fixed my speakers today! Finally! :)
    I got wifi today and seems like that was part of the issue.
    I needed to then go into Wifi setting mode on sound bar (holding wifi button for 8sec) and download Polk Connect and Play Fi apps and get my sound bar reconnected to new wifi connection and to sync with woofer again too.
    And viola! Working as it used to!
    Hopefully that will help other users with same issue.
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