Omni Soundbar Volume Fluctuations

Anyone know why my soundbar is dropping the volume level to nearly muted on ALL audio except for the actual shows themselves we watch on DirecTV? Commericials, show previews, etc are all muted terribly bad and I don't know why. Has nothing to do with my TV sound settings either and it didn't do this with the previous Sound Bar we had that we replaced with the Omni. Plus I am ALWAYS having to adjust the center channel volume as shows and movies fluctuate a ton. Not real happy with the OMNI compared to the much cheaper Vizio SB we had that we replaced with the Omni.


  • ttanner0306ttanner0306 Posts: 2
    Mine does the same thing. Sent email to customer support and got no response. I’m so irritated for wasting so much money on this piece of junk.
  • joesephKjoesephK Posts: 10
    edited March 1
    I had same issue with magnifi sound bar and i switched my cable box from Dolby to PCM output and now everything sounds fine. I think it is the broadcasts themselves bc I think other products have this issue
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