CommandBar w. 206 Firmware can not be used as a multiroom speaker

Hello everybody,
Unfortunately, despite update to 206 no multiroom music playback is possible.

I have 3 echo and a CommandBar
The CommandBar is listed as a Multiroom device. As soon as I select the command bar, the echoes are greyed out. When I first select one of the echoes, the CommandBar is greyed out.

I have already reinstalled everything several times. All devices are linked to the same network and the same Amzon (Prime) account. At the FritzBox is the tick at "devices are allowed to communicate with each other, turned on.

All other echoes are on the latest firmware. Tried in the 2.4 and 5GHz network. Nothing helps.

Furthermore, I tried to configure the whole without the FritzBox. The same problem with the Apple TimeCapsule!

I have already spoken with the German support (Denon). They too could not help me.

I hope someone of you can give me another tip against.
Thank you and greetings from Germany.



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