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Unfortunately for me I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and I happen to walk past the electronics section. I noticed that they have a small section of vinyl. Not a lot, but maybe 50 records. Beside it are the CD's which used to take up a complete aisle. Now the CD's are in a section about 6 ft. long. Who would have thought that in 2019 there would be almost as much vinyl for sale as CD's? Even crazier is that relatively soon they will probably have MORE records than CD's.

On a side note, I also bought a Time magazine special edition on Led Zeppelin while there. Oddly enough, I found myself listening to Led Zeppelin IV on vinyl this afternoon. First time I've listened to a record in several months.
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    And that old hipster Jesse even OWNS a turntable now... who woulda thunk it?
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