Dahlquist DQ 10 speakers

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I have a nice pair of Dahlquist DQ 10 speakers for sale. Of course, local pick-up only (Amsterdam, NY), for these large and heavy speakers. These are a mirror imaged pair. The speakers have the white/beige grill cloth and the woofers have been refoamed. Each speaker lacks the rear metal grill. Stands, which are pretty rare to find with these, are also included. Speakers work fine are in pretty good cosmetic condition with some minor surface scratches here and there to the wood panels (please see pics). I bought these about 5 years ago and liked the sound but unfortunately did not have the room for them. To sound their best, these speakers require a large room and a powerful amp (I'd say 200 watts at a minimum). They really excel at imaging and detail and shine with acoustic and classical and jazz and music of that type. The speakers are located at my bookstore in Amsterdam, NY. I am asking $340 for the speakers and stands (just about what I paid for them myself), which I think is a pretty good deal (current lowest price on the bay is $500) for someone who wants to check out these legendary speakers. I know the pics are not the best so please pm me if anyone would like to see more pics. I can take some more pics the next time I go to my shop. Thanks.


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  • pglbookpglbook Posts: 1,481
  • pglbookpglbook Posts: 1,481
    I'm trying to add more pics but am having a hard time doing so...please pm me if anyone is interested as I have 4 more pics I can share via email at present...and I can also take more pics if needed the next time I go to my shop. Thanks.
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    I just found my records and discovered that I actually paid around $325 for the speakers and stands so price is now reduced to $325.
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    That is a great deal. I wish i was closer.
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    If I was anywhere near you these would’ve been gone in a New York minute
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    Great deal for someone. GLWTS.
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    Bump..I will also be listing these on my local CL this weekend (at a slightly higher non-Polk Forum discounted price). I wanted to offer them here first and give a PF member a great deal but I know local pick-up only (Amsterdam, NY; about 25 miles west of Albany) limits things. Thanks to all for the positive responses. If any PF member in/near upstate NY wants these...please send me a pm. I'd rather they sell here and keep them in the Polk family.
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