Omni SB1 shuts off after 5 sec

My Omni SB1 shuts off after 5 seconds. I have checked all of the cables and etc. This just started after years of working fine. Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Ved99Ved99 Posts: 4

    I have a same issue after moving house.
    Disconnected everything before move, re-connected once we settled in and sound bar constantly turns it self off after 5sec.
    Ther is sound coming while on for those 5 sec.
    Only thing that is different is that we are still waiting for Wifi to be connected in new place and secretly hoping that’s the problem (although it doesn’t make much sence and I am pretty sure in the past it worked without wifi in the house).
    Any help or advice is more than welcome at this stage as it’s not far from being sold for parts at this stage (it out of warranty now).

  • I am having the same issue. This is so frustrating.
  • Ved99Ved99 Posts: 4
    Alright, fixed my speakers today! Finally! :)
    I got wifi today and seems like that was part of the issue.
    I needed to then go into Wifi setting mode on sound bar (holding wifi button for 8sec) and download Polk Connect and Play Fi apps and get my sound bar reconnected to new wifi connection and to sync with woofer again too.
    And viola! Working as it used to!
    Hopefully that will help other users with same issue.
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