Interconnect (RCA, unbalanced) Demo

We've Moved!! From Basic Hookup/Wiring Questions so not so very far.

@SIHAB , @mhardy6647 , @helipilotdoug , @msg

I'm willing to throw 4 to 6 pairs of RCA's in a box and provide them as demo's. At this time mostly home grown stuff although that could change easily. I think I can get these in a USPS medium box for under $15 that I'm thinking the recipient will pay. Argue with me - I'm flexible.

Things have changed in the last 48 hours - don't leave unused sets of speaker cables laying around my house with a hot soldering iron wondering what to do.

I think a vote on 4 pair (unless someone really wants to go to 6 pair but think of the time it might take to do a real trial) should be done by those interested and this is not restricted to those persons listed above.

I can provide:
3' Wireworld Oasis 7's
5' Mogami 2791 with Cardas GRMO
6' Cardas 1x21 (coax I believe) with Cardas GRCM
6' Cardas 2x21 with Cardas GRCM
2' (might not be worth it - pretty short) Mogami 2534 with Cardas GRMO

Part of this is a community feedback on the impact these had on your system. Some short write up on where you placed them and your "chain" so everyone has a feel for how you ran them. @msg and I have discussed very briefly an on-line evaluation form. Not a lot of progress there but also not a lot of interest here so far.

Additions to the above list are more than welcome. If you have something laying around or are using and want opinions on them please add.

Your mission:
Chime in with any cables you'd like to add.
Vote on what you'd like to demo.
Be prepared to spend $15 or so to get them (shipping cost only).
Be prepared to use them and move them along.
Evaluate them here.

We can establish a pecking order as we go.
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  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 892
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    I may be interested in lending either my 1.5 ft or 6 ft Audio Quest Diamondbacks to the cause. We would eventually get them back right?

    I also have a pair of Emotiva RCAs. But they are only 18 inch or so.

    I have a 6ft pair of Monster THX rcas also. I think they were a bit of $130 when I got them.

  • ALL212ALL212 Posts: 910
    We'd better get these back!! I'd like to take a run on the Audio Quests's and probably better put in the 6' 'ers. I've got some Monsters but we're trying to limit this to no more than 6 sets. If you're interested I'll get you in the PM group. Douglas is donating a set to this also and I should be ready to ship the kit to the first victim....person.

    Let me know...
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  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 892
    Ok, I can do the 6 ft Diamond Backs.

    Let me know in a PM where to ship them to you at.

    Is there any criteria that someone must meet before they are shipped a $1,000 in cables?
  • ALL212ALL212 Posts: 910
    CH46E got the final slot for this. Once the demo progression has completed someone will post final results here or there will be a new thread specific to that round.

    If anyone else is interested let me know, we could slide you in or begin line up of a new group. But we are complete on the cables to test with on this round.
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