abs plastic???

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i hear of people using some thing called abs plastic(1/8") to build custom dvd consoles and stuff. Where do u buy it and how easy is it work with? I heard of people gluing and bend pieces to create a mold and then using duraglas to build shape and contours to the mold. Anyone ever heard of using this stuff??? thanks
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    HERE This place has every piece of plastic you could ever need. ABS is easy to work with and can be used in many applications. If you need a little more direction with a little higher prices try HERE
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    Josh, You just made my friggin year! That is the best site I have ever been to. Considering I am about to do a lot of custom work... Thank you!

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    Total cost of materials: Going up...
    Time spent: Countless Hours...
    Cranking the system, having it quiet outside the car, and sound that takes the rear-view off inside: PRICELESS

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