Polk MagniFi turn on by itself when tv is on - how to disable

Soundbar turns on by itself while TV is on. Not quite what was expected when we purchased it, as it was intended for occasional special TV or audio use, not to make me use it everytime. How to disable this "auto on" feature. Please help otherwise I will have to return this product.

- i know there were several topics over this subject but no Polk representative answered. Hope that along with good product they support us with with good service.


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    Did you program your soundbar to accept commands from your TV etc?

    I am not certain, but if your intention is to only use it occasionally, you may have to power it off manually each time you use tv (a pain), or remove the power cord from the sound bar to prevent it getting power and subsequently powering on, and then only plug it in when you intend to use it.

    I believe for convenience, it powers on automatically, so you can hear it without having to turn it on and off each time you use TV., but that may be related to the remote programming powering it on.

    I read the manual, and was not able to find anything more in depth about the item.

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  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    No I have not programmed my TV remote with Soundbar. I understand that Polk tries to ease use of the piece - so it turns on automatically but if I want it off it should stay off. At the moment unit have control over me as it stay off minute or two and start playing again. It is extremely frustrating and not power efficient as well. From what I found on forum many people ask the same question for the past year or two and there is no legit answer - yes you can do it/no you can not shut it off whenever you like, or we will fix it with next update of the software. Not sure what to do now. Guess either I find solution or despite great sound I need to keep looking.
  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    Even if I turn it off but keep my TV on it will turn on again and again and again....
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 42,676
    Why in the world would you want to use the TV's speakers?
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    It's just really eager to please, and it wants to save you from the horrors of built-in TV speakers.
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  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    Clipdat, it is not the case. I want to have choice not to be dependent on the device. If I watch news I really do not need surround sound along with boosted bass. It does not have to think what I need. I know what I need.
  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 2,417
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    We've covered this before. It's working as designed. If it didn't turn on when it detects a signal the forum would be flooded with "Why won't this piece of !@#*&;@! soundbar turn on" threads. Presumably you bought the soundbar because the TV speakers suck. So why wouldn't you want to use it all the time?
  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    DaveHo, in my opinion it is s#%^ while it forces me to use it all the time. I do not want to use it while watching news or just because I have mood for different sound. Even if I switch it off it goes live after a minute or two. Its like your seats in the car would heat just because it is winter. Do you want to have choice or do you want technology tell you what you need. By the way comments - why you do not want to use it are not relevant for this topic. I just want it off whenever I want.
  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    So of what you tell me it is not possible to switch off unless I pull the plug from the socket? Please Polk Reps give a hint here. I need your Quality service and precise answers.
  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 2,417
    There are numerous choices available for remote controlled outlets. I'd look into those.
  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    Guess you do not get my problem. Please read step by step.
    Let me explain in different words:
    -I switch TV on, Polk MagniFi Mini switches on automatically.
    - I swith Polk MagniFi off /by remote or by pressing the button on the Item/.
    - Polk stay off for a minute and switch on bu itself.
    It is not a problem of remote, but it is a problem of the device set up. It live its own life.
    - it stay off when TV is off.

    BTW - it is a POLK forum. Is there anybody from Polk support on it. I need straight answer to my problem not blah blah blah of what is intended to do. In my opinion it should be intended to do what Owner desires
  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 2,417
    I understand your problem just fine, newb. I also use a MagnifiMini in one of my systems. I have told you there is no way to make it do what you want. Find a work-around or return it.
  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    If you are right I will have to do so.
  • smglbrthsmglbrth Posts: 1,156
    I noticed this after installing my Magnifi Mini. There are times, like when watching Blu Ray's/DVD's, when I listen to them on the stereo instead of the Mini. Like you, it comes back on all the time. The only thing that works for me is to put it on the late night setting (the blue light comes on) so it doesn't jump out at me, then mute it (slow blinking blue light that you can barely see). I see it as a minor irritation but one I can live with...
  • kylodkylod Posts: 9
    Responce from POLK FBOOK:

    Updating should fix the issue, please try that. If the issue persists please provide us with your contact info.

    Thanks everybody. Thanks Polk. I’ll keep you updating
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