For sale - pair of Grills from SDA 2

Pair of grills I had acquired a long time ago from the forum for my SDA 2A’s as an extra set. The SDA’s are long gone and time for these grills to find a new home. Should fit 2B’s as well I believe. Good frames and quite presentable with a few imperfections in fabric. One corner has a small rub-through in the fabric that could be dabbed with a marker. $45 PayPal F&F plus actual shipping. 100 posts minimum and conus only. I would prefer local obviously Wisconsin or vicinity. Grills came in foam board as depicted and I’ll have to make up shipping cardboard etc so this won’t be tomorrow. Lol.



  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,377
    Karma time. I'm in Central Wisconsin and if anyone near me wants this pair of grills for a spare set or whatever PM me. I won't ship them but if it can be convenient we could meet and they will be yours for free. (For free I am not going too far out of my way. Lol. But I do travel to Madison often)
  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,377
    I'm going to renew my offer to karma these grills to good standing Polkies, I won't ship them but if there is anyone in Wisconsin or vicinity who wants/needs a pair I travel to Madison often and will be in Fox Valley next week and sometimes go to Milwaukee, maybe towards Minneapolis .... lets see if we can hook up.
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