SDA 1c - Full Mods

Time to let someone else enjoy these fine speakers. Work/mods include: Sonicap Gen 1 caps, Mills resistors, poly switch removed, Cardas binding posts, all drivers Dynamatted and magnets glued, hurricane nuts installed, replaced bass inductor with Erse inductor, Black Hole 5 behind mid woofers, and RDO 194 tweeters. Exterior is all original. I would rate them a conservative 8 out of 10 cosmetically. Pick up 50 miles south of Chicago or I could drive to meet part way. Asking $700.00.


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 12,081
    didn't realize you were so close
  • FaustinFaustin Posts: 808
    Thanks pitdogg. Listening to them right now and I wonder if I am doing the right thing. Same with the DCM Time Windows. I listened to them earlier today while I was on my computer in the office. Sigh. Where abouts are you located?
  • Dr_WuDr_Wu Posts: 90
    Those are gorgeous, Faustin. I've always thought that the CRS were the right size for our apartment, but still . . . the 1c's are like twice the speaker! Is 200wpc enough power for them? What did you replace the IC cable with?
  • verbverb Posts: 4,461
    Wow @Faustin those look sweet! And a great deal, IMO, since you did all the work! :smile: I'd be all over them (but I have 2 sets already)! :smile:
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  • FaustinFaustin Posts: 808
    ". . . the 1c's are like twice the speaker! Is 200wpc enough power for them? What did you replace the IC cable with?"

    200 wpc is plenty. Right now I am running an Adcom 555 which is 200 at 8 ohms and iirc 350 watts at 4 ohms and alternate between a Bottlehead Quickie tube pre and an Eastern Electric Minimax tube pre. . IC cable is Goertz Alpha Core speaker wire.
  • headrottheadrott Posts: 5,361
    Snag these while you can! Great deal for some fully modded 1C's.
    Taken from a recent Audioholics reply regarding "Club Polk" and Polk speakers:
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    My response is: If you need 60 seconds to respond in one sentence, you probably should't be evaluating Polk speakers.....

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  • FaustinFaustin Posts: 808
    Weekend bump - Price reduction - $650.00
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,107
    I'm preemptively jealous of the new owner. Those are gorgeous examples.

  • indyhawgindyhawg Posts: 1,032
    Very nice set of 1C's at a great price. GLWTS.
  • dpowelldpowell Posts: 2,809
    Fully modded 1C's are a very special speaker. Phenomenal soundstage, especially with a tube amp.
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  • honestaquarianhonestaquarian Posts: 2,178
    I honestly can’t understand why you would want to sell these and keep the DCM Time Windows. Good speakers, but they cannot handle dynamics or they’ll blow up!
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  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 3,111
    I honestly can’t understand why you would want to sell these and keep the DCM Time Windows. Good speakers, but they cannot handle dynamics or they’ll blow up!

    Carlton, I believe that he's also selling the DCM's on a separate thread.
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