Polk magnifi max SR1 surround speakers extremely loud and crackling when powered on

Hello. The surround speakers are at max volume and have lots of popping and crackling when powered on and synced with the sound bar. Sound bar and sub have no issues on their own but when the surround speakers are connected the volume of the sound bar drops to inaudible and the surround speakers are at max volume.

I am on firmware 103 and have tried resyncing, new SR1 speakers (this is the second set) and factory resetting the sound bar.



  • joesephKjoesephK Posts: 19
    Sounds like a mismatch firmware. I had a similar issue and it was because my surround speakers were unplugged and didn’t get the new update when the sound bar updated to 103.

    Try what i did: unplug everything. then plug in sound bar first and let it boot. Then turn the sound bar on til you see the red light and plug in the subwoofer and surround speakers. It should fetch the update from the sound bar if it sees a mismatch
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