Signa S2 Soundbar extremely slow to start up

Posted this earlier in the Customer Service area and then realized it was better suited for this one.

Using my Harmony 665 to turn my activities on and it takes almost 9 seconds for my Signa S2 Sound bar to power up and turn to the correct input! Is there anyway to speed this thing up. May seem trivial but when your tv has been on for about 7 seconds without any volume it's annoying! Using just an optical cable so it's not like it has to go through several steps. The sound bar powers up and 3 lights stay lit until it eventually turns to two lights and sound starts. Never had a Polk product before so not sure if this is just a manufacturer quirk or it can be adjusted. My old Vizio SB4051 connected almost immediately when turned on. Thanks


  • cgrooniscgroonis Posts: 1
    edited December 2019
    Does the signa s2 soundbar take 10 seconds to turn on for everyone or is just me? Everything works great and sounds fine but it takes 10 seconds to power on. Kind of a nuisance when the tv is powered on. Is there a way to fix this?
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