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I've spent tons of time on the 'net looking/reading about different cables and thought I'd post here to see if anyone had an extra laying around. This would be from the BDP to my integrated (strictly 2 channel for sound seeing as the BDP downmixes surround to 2 channel PCM this way). I only need a 3 foot length, 4 at most.

Not looking to spend much as this is experimental but could turn permanent if I like the way it sounds. Under $20-30, shipped. If you have any extra laying around let me know. Thanks!


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    I've got 2 Blue Jeans coax cables I no longer use. One is their Belden 1694A with RCA to RCA 75 ohm connectors and one with Belden 1695A cable BNC to RCA 75 ohm connectors. Both are at least 1 meter in length.
    Info at this link

    What termination are you looking for?
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    Blue Jeans is one of the cables I was looking at, specifically the first one you have, RCA to RCA. Sending you a PM..
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