Parasound P/HP 850 preamp

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Selling this preamp, it’s in great condition and sounds pretty nice, $180 plus shipping.

Description from Parasound:
A uniquely cost-effective preamplifier that doesn't compromise your music. A massive power supply for deeper, cleaner bass and better dynamics. The fact that it's direct coupled for the cleanest possible signal and has five inputs-including a clean RIAA phono stage for your turntable-makes this a value that's hard to beat.


Four high level inputs, one phono input
Direct coupled output
100% pure Class A circuitry
19,000 µF power supply
Premium Alps and Noble volume and balance controls
Silver plated OFC internal wiring
Smooth sounding Analog Devices operational amps
Defeatable tone controls
Accurate RIAA curve for phono stage
Tiffany-style gold plated RCA jacks
Removable IEC AC cord

Frequency Response:
10 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-2 dB, full output
< 0.009% THD, 1 kHz;
< 0.01% THD, 20 kHz;
< 0.01% IM
Maximum Output:
> 10 V before clipping
Input Impedance:
High Level 30 k ohms, +/- 5%;
Phono 47 k ohms, +/- 5%
Input Sensitivity:
High Level 150 mV;
Phono 2.5 mV
Max Input Level:
High Level 9.5 V;
Phono 160 mV
S/N Ratio:
High Level > 93 dB, A-weighted, full output;
High Level > 90 dB, A-weighted, full output -6 dB;
Phono > 65 dB, A-weighted, full output
Maximum Hum:
< 0.04 mV, full output
> 60 dB, >= 10 kHz, full output
> 80 dB, <= 10 kHz, full output, tone controls off;
> 60 dB, <= 10 kHz, full output, tone controls on
Channel Balance:
<= 0.8 dB
<= 1.5 dB, -60 dB
Tone Control Range:
+/-10 dB, 100 Hz; +/-10 dB, 10 kHz
w 17 1/4 " x h 3" x d 16", h 3 5/8" with feet
Net Weight:
13 lb.



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