Dreadnought Case Interest Check...



  • daddyjt
    daddyjt Posts: 1,999
    When would you like to collect payment sir? I would be fine sending $$ now if need be, to help you cover expenses...
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  • Gerres26
    Gerres26 Posts: 839
    I agree, I'll send payment whenever you'd like especially if it helps cover material cost.
  • Toolfan66
    Toolfan66 Posts: 15,742
    I appreciate it, but no need, these will be done and ready sometime next week..
  • pitdogg2
    pitdogg2 Posts: 22,730
    Thanks for all you do Larry.
  • Osarion
    Osarion Posts: 178
    If you have any left over I'll take one as well.
  • indyhawg
    indyhawg Posts: 1,622
    Very nice work.
  • indyhawg
    indyhawg Posts: 1,622
    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Thanks for all you do Larry.

    I second that.
  • Can't wait till they're done, thanks for all the hard work Larry
  • gudnoyez
    gudnoyez Posts: 7,952
    Yep thanks Larry appreciate all you do for the community.
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  • audioluvr
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    Got mine today in the mail! Nice work Larry! Come on Avel Lindberg!
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