Is my HTS 10 defective?

I recently purchased an HTS10 and have been trying unsuccessfully to set it up with a Yamaha AVR. I've followed the instructions to a T, eg including ensuring that the sub is activated in the receiver's options and all speakers are set to "small". I did notice that the power light doesn't come on when the sub is plugged in to an AC outlet, but frankly I'm not entirely sure if it is supposed to, or if it would illuminate only when its receiving audio current. I tested the fuse with a multimeter to confirm it hasn't blown (it hasn't), and I also tested the power cord. I'm at a loss as to how I can troubleshoot further, or if I should just return the sub for a refund.

I've tried to reach out to customer service multiple times, but keep hearing the message: "we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. Please try again later." After which my call is automatically dropped. Can anyone on this forum advise as to whether the lack of an illuminated power light means the HTS10 is defective, or if it's something I've messed up in the configuration/can troubleshoot?


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    Is there a power switch on the back? Is there an option for off, on, and auto on? If so make sure it is set to on to test.
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  • Hello,
    Sorry you're having a problem. I'll ask a friend at Polk to contact you via email.
  • Thanks Ken, appreciate it and I'll look forward to hearing from them.

    Re: rooftop, no, best I can tell there is no "on" switch. I spent quite some time scouring for one, and the manual makes no mention of one. The power switch can only toggle between "auto" and "DC control".
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    DC control needs to have the cable connected to the receiver's 12V trigger out or it will not turn on. Set it to Auto.
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    Set it to Auto as Dave mentioned, then get a 3.5mm to RCA plug the 3.5mm end into something that plays music such as your phone and plug the white RCA into the LFE input. Make sure the volume on your phone is all the way down and set the volume/gain on the sub to halfway. Play some music on your phone and slowly increase the volume. It should play something. If it does then we can start to help focus your efforts on set up and away from troubleshooting the actual sub.

    Good luck troubleshooting and report back!
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  • Thanks all for the troubleshooting suggestions. Tried the approach with the 3.5mm to RCA adapter and my phone, but unfortunately still nothing from the sub (no sound and power light doesn't illuminate). Getting the sense that I need to just return this for a refund, unless there's anything else I should test first?
  • DaveHo
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    Sounds like it's a dud. Dookie happens. Don't give up on it. Just exchange for another.
  • lestat78
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    pw12345 wrote: »
    Getting the sense that I need to just return this for a refund, unless there's anything else I should test first?

    Hi, did you manage to resolve the issue? I have the exact same problem on a new HTS 10, and I've found a couple of reviews on Amazon of someone else experiencing the same. I've sent an email to Polk support a few hours ago, so hopefully they'll get back to me for a solution.
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    Give them a call on Monday, rather than waiting for a reply email.
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    They replied to my mail saying that I need to contact the reseller for support, which I did. Hopefully they will replace it.
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