End Game?



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    Just like car technology, audio electronics and speakers improve. Class D amplifiers are an excellent example. There is no end game, it's just a journey. B)

    Well -- it certainly changes. I think whether it improves is readily debatable.


    That said, see my grumpy old guy comment above :)


    Uhh yea! That's the whole point of audio forums.
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    Unless something breaks, I'm done. I now have a Sony flat screen TV, and a BR player, I'm not interested in going any higher. I just plan on enjoying what I have.

    And keeping the money in the bank! :smile:

    I wish, it's leaving the bank to pay a $700.00+ real estate tax bill due at the end of the month!

    That is a drop in the bucket for our tax bill. Ours is 7k a year. :s :o

    I wish mine was 7k.

    Between mine and my parents I pay 20,000/yr.

    The price of your new subwoofer ;)
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    Now I need another streamer and associated cables
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