Oppo which one?

Hi If I want to try and do the all in one audio /video unit and would like to try an Oppo which one would be the best sound for CD playback? I have understood the 95 may be the one?? Most analog? I am NOT looking for what seems to be the idea of good sound today to some which is hyper detailed and somewhat thin and analytical. Not musical in my book. I do not hear a guys nose hair moving when he is standing in front of my and I do not want to hear it through my stereo. Again would like to try and Oppo and am looking for the best one for CD playback/ Thanks guys


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    95, 105 would be the ticket. But honestly Keith good luck prices have sky rocketed since their announced departure from making anymore players.
    If you do not want analog then 93 and 103. The older 83/85 players i hear had problems.
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    Ok The other thing I am considering is still sticking with separate units and looking at an NAD 565 v a Denon 1650AR Had one of the Denon 1650s for 9 years and thought it was very impressive Very harmonically rich Heard the 565 and it was pretty beefy Still all in one would be nice
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    If I was looking to avoid a highly detailed sound I would avoid Oppo altogether, regardless of the generation of player. Marantz or Cambridge Audio would be better choices.
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    I would respectfully disagree. If you don’t want “detailed sound”, you could always “muddy” it up a bit with a tube buffer, but why not start with as detailed and correct a signal as possible. Added to that, the build quality, reliability and flexibility of Oppo should not be overlooked.

    Toolfan’s 105 @ $750 is a steal - if I didn’t already have two myself, I’d be all over it.

    Too much stuff to keep track of.

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    Trying a 95 for around $400 which is below the going rate
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    geppy1 wrote: »
    Trying a 95 for around $400 which is below the going rate

    For sure. I got a minty in the box 95 from CL for 3 hundie recently.
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    Nobody is knocking detail Analytical is where the problem is I am not even slightly the only one who feels this way A well known speaker maker with the initials RV once said to me"There is more crap coming out of folk stereos then you every hear in front of a live instrument" He right
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    I think you might be happier with a used Marantz SA 8004 or 8005 vs the oppo. The Marantz has a more analogue beefier sound vs the oppo in my option.
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    i'll agree with Brian on this one. The Oppo is a good all in one player, the Marantz has a bit better sound for music.
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