My DSW Pro 600 Just Died


Any suggestions or experiences you'd be willing to share associated with repairing the amplifier circuit board for a DSW Pro 600? I took the amplifier plate off the back of my subwoofer and it looks like the C7 Diode and the R24/R34 Resistors on the amplifier circuit board have failed. Right now my Pro 600 won't even power up, no lights, nothing. I'm thinking about replacing the failed diode and resistors but don't know what else is shot on the board. Any suggestions before I wade into the deep end with this repair would be appreciated.

Additionally, I've done some research and it looks like I can purchase a replacement Amplifier Assembly for my DSW Pro 600. It sounds like you can't purchase the DSW Pro 600 amplifier assembly but you can purchase the DSW Pro 660 amplifier assembly that will work with the Pro 600.

I called Morgan Technologies in Canada, they have the assembly for $160 Can$ but can't send it to the states. I'm trying to keep expenses low and haven't been able to find it at a similar price in the US.

Any other thoughts regarding how to complete this repair on a, for the mean time, limited budget?

Please let me know if there is a way to bring my DSW Pro 600 back from it's untimely death. It would be nice to have the full Polk family home for the holidays...




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