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Hi, I have a 5.1 pioneer home theatre system. Unfortunately, don't have place for rear speakers. But have 2 Polk ceiling speakers at the rear end pre-installed. Any thoughts if front 3.1 and rear ceiling speakers combination work in terms of sorround sound? Newbie to the world of sound.


  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 1,808
    yes the in-ceiling will work just fine
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    My rear speakers are mounted in the rear ceiling corners of my room and sound great. Polk M3's. B)

    Ceiling speaker placement, if behind you..( how far are yours behind you? )will serve the same purpose. See if they have directional tweeters in them.
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  • afterburntafterburnt Posts: 5,414
    HT rears should be fine with any decent speakers. Now 5.1 SACD the crowd may differ.
  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 10,874
    More than likely, it will be okay. I suspect that stand alone speakers in the rear will be better, but it depends on many factors. Do it and find out.
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