Magnifi Max will not sync with Sub or Surrounds

My Magnifi Max will not sync with my Sub or Surrounds. I have held down the "Source" and "Bluetooth" buttons to make it search for devices ready to pair as well as using the "sync" button on the back of the soundbar. I then held down the woofer sync button for three seconds. The woofer does flash faster (like it's trying to pair) but it fails still.

I have spoken with Polk Audio multiple times and their customer service is great. I received a new sub and still get the same behavior. I have connected via wifi and ethernet, turned off the wireless router in case of interference and I have factory reset it about 100 times. I have confirmed with Polk Audio that I have the latest firmware via the Google Home app.

Has anyone found out A.) Why this happens, B.) Can it be fixed, C.) How can it be fixed, D.) What frequency range do the speakers use to connect to the soundbar? It is as if the internal radio in the sound bar is disabled or non-functional but there is no way to see what it is actually sensing (with regards to available speakers). My wife doesn't even let me turn it on any more as it just causes problems.


  • Mikey87Mikey87 Posts: 19
    Known problem. My second bar had it also. It was replaced for another one. There was a little workaround for me that works well. I plug off thee power cable for 15 secs and then put it in again, after it i leave the bar off. Than i opened Spotify and stream it to the bar. That works till you put it off and on again. Now i have my 3th system.
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