Polk Audio FX Wireless Surround speaker, drops signal, cracks, pops, etc.

I've had this surround speaker for quite a while and to be honest it's been problematic since I first got it. It has always dropped signal, then you get a prolonged static sound, ending with a ridiculously loud POP. It cuts in and out when it wants to and it's super frustrating.

I just always assumed that I did something wrong with the setup or that having it sit behind my couch, about 10 feet from the transmitter was the issue. Well, tonight, I finally had enough as it seemed like it was happening more than ever. So, after doing a bunch of research, it appears as though this is a known problem with the transmitter that originally came with this speaker.

So my question is, even though I've had this speaker for years, is there anyway to get a replacement transmitter? I'd love for this speaker to actually work as designed as my situation hasn't changed and I'm still in need of this wireless surround speaker. Heck, even if I had to pay for the transmitter I'd do it if it would solve my problem.

Any help would be appreciated.
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