New Polk Magnifix Max - HDMI issues

Maybe someone can help here. I've just setup my Magnifi Max system. I've connected an Apple TV 4k and a cable box via HDMI into the soundbar, and then I ran an HDMI cable from the soundbar (ARC) to the TV's HDMI ARC port. I'm able to watch something using this method for a few minutes....and then the TV will go black, and then display "NO SIGNAL - HDMI 3) The ARC port is HDMI three. Funny thing is I can still here the sound. I've switched out HDMI cables. I also updated firmware for both the TV and the soundbar. I also enabled the CEC on the TV. No avail. Any suggestions? It'd be a shame to have a brand new soundbar with all this capability only to run optical.


  • Yea, im in the same boat with my Xbox one X, i wanted to use the 4k pass-thru on the sound bar but if thats not going to work ill just return it and go back to using optical on my old sound bar.
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