Polk Monitor 70 Series 1 Tweeters Almost Silent

First post here, hope I am following proper protocol...

The TLDR would be:
1. Monitor 70 Series 1 tweeters are almost silent.
2. Replaced tweeters with RD0093-1 which match both original tweeters
3. New tweeters are just as quiet.
4. Verified all connections and other components are correct and operating normally
5. Not knowing otherwise, it sounds to me like the rest of the speakers are working fine albeit a bit flat without the tweeters

I'm dealing with a pair of Series 1 Monitor 70's, purchased in the early 2000's. While tinkering about I noticed by themselves they sounded a bit off. I couldn't quite place it until I hooked up an old Monitor 7. After some testing I concluded it must be the tweeters. I ordered a set of replacement tweeters, not from Polk (I know, I know yell at me later)... Anyway the new tweeters arrived and I installed them. They sounded the same, which is to say, I cannot hear the tweeters without putting a paper towel tube up to the tweeter and adjusting volume accordingly. I unhooked the 70's, removed the jumper, and ran the speaker wire to just the top binding posts for high frequency only. I have to crank my volume to about -10 to just get something resembling sound. I understand it's possible the replacement tweeters are bad but I am wondering if there could be some other problem. I am not at all adept at troubleshooting a speaker's crossover or internals. I have swapped in speakers to make sure the rest of my equipment is functioning and not causing the problem.

Are the Monitor 70 Series 1 tweeters just inherently exceptionally quiet? If not, does this sound like a problem with the speaker's crossover or other internal component/s? How should I go about troubleshooting the internals? I haven't opened them up yet because I don't really know what to look for apart from very obvious scorching or something like that. If the problem is with the internals, is it something worth trying to fix, or have serviced by someone with know how? I consider myself savvy enough but my technical knowledge in this area is lacking. I suppose with some guidance and a hell of a how to, it's something I can tackle.

I'm running a Yamaha RX-A840 which is feeding a Crown XLS 1002 which powers the two Monitor 70's. All connections have been checked and double checked. I have run both the Monitor 70's and Monitor 7's off just the Yamaha and the Crown, no matter the combo, the Monitor 70's tweeters are almost silent.

My apologies for a long post, thanks in advance.
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