Need a Great Center Speaker! Polk RTi12 fronts, FXi3 rears, X2 PSW12 bass...

Thinking about upgrading my Center Channel Speaker!

I have been looking at the Polk CSi A6 but it is to big for my cabinet. Wondering if the S35 would work as I could make room just below the tv???

Cabinet space is 17-1/2"w X 7"h X 15"d
On cabinet 4-1/2"h X 84"w X 20"d

Any other recommendations?

Denon AVR-X4400H 9.2 amp (11.2 capable)
Configuration: 7.2.2
Bi-amp RTi12 (left, right)
FXi3 pair, rear, (left, right)
PSW12 - x2 (left, right)
Klipsch Quintet III height (left, right)
Accoustic Profiles PSL-C2 (center)


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,107
    I see an issue with timbre matching...
  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 2,380
    If you could make a little more space on top of the cabinet, you could get the CSi A4. It’s even on sale on Polk’s website (at least the black version is) for $150. :)

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  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 1,676
    Hmmm, I would try to stay with a CSi center. Even the CSi-A4 is 20" wide. My easy answer is to build a cabinet to hold a CSi-A6 like I did. If you must go with the S35 Audyssey EQ will bring it close but not perfect. I have S60 L/R and use a CSi-A6 for the center works nice.

    One thing I noticed from your system setup is you're bi-amping. I found doing this with an AVR a waste. If anything pull the brass jumpers off and use speaker cable.

    Doing this made more of an improvement.

    Last but not least, RTi12 like a lot of power to get the most out of them. Adding a seperate amp is the best way to go. Even a Emotiva BasX-A300 will bring out more from your speakers.

    Last subs. your's are not bad but not great. SVS or HSU make a great line of subs. Sell yours and put it towards a better SVS or HSU.

    Welcome to club Polk :)
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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    Main: Polk Signature S60
    Center: Polk CSi-A6
    Front High/Rear High In-Ceiling Polk 80F/X RT
    Surrounds: Polk S15
    Sub: HSU VTF3-MK5

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    Main: Polk Signature S20
    Center: Polk Signature S35
    Rear: Polk R15
    Sub: HSU STF-2

    Working Warehouse;
    Sony 2100ES
    4 Polk RTi4 about 15' up the wall
    Old sony 12" Sub
    Mini tower PC with 400GB of music
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