Which 230W vintage Speakers can you recommend?



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    Ok... I think I got it. The answer to your question is:

    All of them. (At least all those that don't dip below 4 ohms within their impedance curve).
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    g7trader wrote: »
    I went from a Rotel RX602 (35WPC) to Rotel RX802 (50WPC) to Pioneer SA-9500 II (80WPC) toYamaha P2201 (230WPC).

    Every upgrade I felt led to more power alot more power.

    In fact I heard my Rotel RX-602 yesterday which I sold to my dad and I was wondering damn this sounds weak compared to my Yamaha P2201 very trebly even the midrange was weak and trebly even the bass sounded weak.

    WOW! Looks like just went backwards in the upgrade chain.

    Power/watts are not everything. I'd be will to bet those Rotels had just as much output as most of your equipment there. And far better quality anyways.

    You do realize that most systems can fill a room with plenty of volume with 1 watt right? Not a typo there.... yes 1 watt.

    And I dont know the exact figures (so this is just a generalization) but to make an audiable difference at loud volumes, let's say 90db, you would need a 3 db increase just to notice the difference. And that last 3 db, may take 100 or more watts to accomplish.

    Also look at headroom figures for amps. Just because Rotel rated it at 35 watts does not mean it can't drop a 100watts.

    You should really read up on audio. You are obviously into it. Start some self learning. Can't learn it all by asking questions on a forum and then dogging the same forum you are on.
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