Quad shield RG6 40ft RCA?

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I know it is not ideal but would RG6 quad shielded ran only next to a heavily shielded HDMI cable be ok?

I want to move my amp and tube buffer to the front of the room to free up space in my in-wall rack for more toys. Plus it would allow me to use my Audioquest CV8+ speaker cables.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Thanks Pitt, now if I can just find my RG6 to RCA adapters. :(:(:#:#
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    you know you could just terminate the RG6 in RCA right?
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    Yes, but I dont have any on hand. Was going to try and get it done today. Can't locate my rg6 crimp tool and stripper anyways. I have a feeling I know where they are but dont want to be in the garage right now. Very hot, humid and muggy today.
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    Got it all done. Have a horrible ground loop. I've narrowed it down to the HDMI out from the Yamaha HTR to the TV. If I tinker with it at the Yamaha end the ground loop buzz goes away. Tried a Emotiva HDMI and now have a new Monoprice Hoss HDMI. Both are 40 ft and problem is the same with either cable.

    Always something right???? :s:s

    I think I may slice in more of my 10 guage Romex to the front of the room to feed the amp on and the rest of the equipment.

    I have a Belkin PureAV PF60 that is fed from a dedicated 10-3 or 10-4, I'm not sure but there are 4 wires and I have 2 of them to ground on a dedicated 30amp breaker. So maybe, I'll splice in and make an extra run to the Parasound amp at the front of the room.

    The RG6 as a RCA cable seems to work well.

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    What tubes you running in the yaqin? Just curious?
    Ground loop, you have cable t.v. coming in somewhere?
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    The Sylvania get the most use. I like them most. I also have the OEM tubes that came with it. The RCA tubes run extremely hot.

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    Nice i have many many tubes. I do have two pair of them GTA's mine do not glow that bright. FYI you can also run 6BL7 and 6BX7 in that as well. I bought some triple mica 6BL7's gta's from Brent Jesse man they work great. I do not keep my cages on because its a biotch to get tubes in and out with in place. Love my buffer!
    I've spent a ton more on tubes than my buffer cost. :D:D

    I just bought some Raytheon VT231 built in 1949 boxed and shipped to the military in 1950. They never seen the light if day until 2 weeks ago new old stock all the way. I'm using them right now.
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    Mine is having an issue right now. I think there is a loose ground inside the transformer case. When I took it apart to put in new Clarity caps I removed a screw and could not get it back in and now I hear something moving around when I shake it. This thing is a PITA to work on.

    I either had the Chinese or the RCA TUBES in there when I took the picture. My Silvainia tubes are chromed so they dont glow that bright either.

    What is the consensus on KEN-RAD tubes?

    I also love this buffer.



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    Clarity caps are too big no? 630 v is way to large man. You need 200v or less. The auricaps mod just barely fit. I thought about it but have so far decided to not do yet... yet key word because there are only a few caps that will fit.
    Ken-Rad tubes are the shiite. Very hard to get good sets without paying nos 5692 prices. I'd go 5692 before i spent that kind of money on Ken-Rad's.
    Tung-Sol's American made are very good. I can give you some good ideas and send pictures if you want.
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    If you off set one like I did in that first picture they fit fine. I could not find any other Clarity caps for the UF I needed.

    Other than physical size is there an issue using the 630v cap? I could have sworn the stock cap were 630v or so.
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    No not at all. I was thinking they were much lower voltage.

    Here is some reading


    I'll research more later been years since i thought about it.
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    I think that was the thread you linked me to when I did the recap.

    Do you think it's worth while to replace the power supply caps with Nichicon Gold Tune? At least I think they are power supply caps.
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    Your call. I like those Nichicon fine gold or KG muse and Elna silmic II. Of course size plays a huge factor in which ones you use
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    So FYI for anyone needing long rca runs. The RG6 is very well shielded and I am not noticing any I'll effects at all. No buzz or hum. Seems to work pretty good.
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