Kids say the damndest things...

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So I took my son to the play area at the mall today, on this particular Sunday afternoon, there were dozens of beautiful women all over the place, and one very attractive young mom observing her two children run around the play area. My son tends to be very interactive with people, and he approached her as she was blowing the heat off of a mini hot dog from Wetzels Pretzels....

He exclaimed in a loud voicewhile pointing at the woman, "HOT, HOT, HOT!!!"I looked at him, then at her as her cheeks flushed red, mine did too. I explained he was trying to warn her of the food being too hot. He ended up with her lipstick on his cheek. :p
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    Chick magnets.
    If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.
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    Can I rent your kid?
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  • Thoughtful kid you have. This was the best segment of the old Art Linkletter Show. Saw this in a movie the other day from a 2or 3 year old boy, "I got a pony and it takes big sheets."
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    If you were a single man, that scenario could have worked out swimmingly, in your favor...

    I bet you’d still blow it. :p
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    Sitting on the floor with my daughter when she was only about 3, playing with some toy of hers. I pick it up and.....

    Grace - "That's my-un!"
    Me - "You must say mine"
    Grace - "No, that's my-un"
    Me - "But you should say MINE"
    Grace <resignedly> - "Okay, it's yours"

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