Can't connect to my Omni S2

I have an Omni S2, long past warranty coverage. For a few weeks now I have been unable to connect to it to play music. Here are my symptoms.

- Try to connect, says "connecting to ...", then "pairing failed", then returns to Speakers screen
- I have rediscovered the device, so it asks me to change from the default name. If I try to do so it says "Name change failed"
- If I open the Omni Utility, it says the device needs an update. If I try to update it says "Unable to pair with Play-Fi device.
- I can reset the device and rediscover it, connecting it to my Wifi, but still this does not resolve the problem.
- Support team gave me procedure to manually update my speaker. According to the instructions, the update was applied, but no change to any of the above.

So at this point my S2 is basically unusable as a WiFi speaker, and I'm hoping maybe somebody will have some other procedures I can try.

Thanks in advance.


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