[Magnifi Mini] Delay in sound production when playing only intermittent audio.

This is hard to describe, so bear with me.

The sound bar (Magnifi Mini) works fine for just about all media, except for a few instances. When a sound is created against a blank soundscape, such as toggling menus, or moving between apps (TV, Apple TV, PS4, Nintendo Switch), the Mini doesn't play a sound for about 3-5 seconds. The only time a sound will be played is if you constantly create a sound for 3-5 seconds within the Menu/Selection process. The only system that works partially is the Apple TV, however, the first sound played when moving the cursor makes a loud popping noise every time. Its as though the system goes to sleep when no sound is playing (even after just 1 second of no sound) before waking up and trying to "catch up" on the audio.

Movies play correctly, TV shows play correctly, everyone works, except for menus or silent apps/games with only occasional sound. I've tried every setting on the TV and boxes, HDMI ARC and Optical. No change. My previous 5.1 Sony Receiver did not have this issue with the TV (XBR900e) so i'm guessing it's the Mini.

Anyone have this issue or know if its simply my unit/set up.
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