WTB: Panamax 5100/5500

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I'm looking for a Panamax 5100, or a 5500...Crutchfield is abit overpriced...any reputable online dealers you guys trust?

"Looks good from far, but far from good!"
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    I found this in a previous thread here in the forum.

    If you go to the panamax web site, then to the online store part and click on the refurbished items... it lists a promo special for $99.95, I called to make sure of what the deal was for and they told me it was the 5100, and it is brand new not refurbished. I just ordered one off of the website, seems like a great deal.
  • superbrettsuperbrett Posts: 106
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    Damn!...If thats right, (I just sent an email) I owe ya one....thanks!
    "Looks good from far, but far from good!"
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    That is for an upgrade for previous owners. I upgraded my MAX 500 DBS, that I got off e-bay for the $99. Nice unit!

    Keep an eye out for a cheap used unit and then upgrade it. They have excellent CS also!

    Good luck- Greg
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    Crap, too good to be true

    Just got an email from them requesting an RMA# (Return of Merchandise Authorization #)
    Apparently you have to be returning something?
    Not sure why they would have this promo on their website and not list that those requirements apply??

  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,453
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    I thought the promotion was to turn in any used surge arrestor??? ....not just a used Panamax.
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