Simon and Garfunkel's "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme" coming to Mobile Fidelity SACD



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    F1nut wrote: »
    Danny Tse wrote: »
    Looks like MoFi switched manufacturers for its SACDs!

    Previously, MoFi's SACDs were pressed in Austria by Sony. Looks like MoFi went with Arvato (formerly Sonopress) in Germany.

    Danny, any thoughts as to the quality of the Arvato discs?

    I think Arvato does a good job. After all, they are an experienced manufacturer of optical discs.

    Several weeks ago, I received an email from Hong Kong Universal Music announcing that future SACD releases will see a price increase due to increased cost of manufacturing. HK Universal Music has released over 50 new SACD titles in 2018 and is using Sony in Japan exclusively to manufacture its SACDs. Now sure if that increased cost of production also applied to Sony's pressing plant in Austria, or that it is reflected in the change of SACD manufacturing for MoFi titles.
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    Thanks Danny. The price increase and change of manufacturers for MoFi does seem to be tied together.
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