Bi-amping RTi150s

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Currently have RTi150s powered by NAD370 (120 wpc). Has anybody tried bi-amping with the NAD 270? Any sound quality benefits??
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    First, welcome to the Club.

    There are tons of threads here about the 150's and the power they need to sing. Many have added external 2 ch amps to bi-amp in parallel with AVR's. Most have reported much fuller sound with added power.
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    Originally, I had a low-end Sony SDR695 AVR to drive the RTi150s. Not being much of an audiophile, I thought the Polks sounded pretty good and unlike many, never had a problem with the Sony going into protection mode. However, after reading all the threads regarding the power hungry RTi150's, I purchased the NADC370 for stereo listening. I expected I would get some improvement in sound quality and power over the Sony, but let me tell you, the difference was amazing. Sound stage and detail better than I have ever heard before. And power, a quarter turn on the NAD volume dial can shake the house. So I quess I'm not looking for more power but rather, more quality. I may just try bi-amping - plus I love the look of those NAD components stacked 4 feet high.
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    The lower end Sony compared to NAD is definetly night and day. I really like the warmth and honest, dynamic power that NAD offers, it's a great brand.

    Glad you are enjoying your new gear :)
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