USB to SPDIF Converters?

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I saw a couple of threads a while back about USB to SPDIF converters, and the Peachtree X1 and Musical Fidelity V-LINK seemed to be good overall options for quality/cost. I have a couple of old DACs that don't offer USB that I'd like to check out with computer audio.

I think iFi makes one as well, the iLink.

Anyone else using one of these converters other than the aforementioned, and getting good results?
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    M2 Tech HiFace Two was recommended to me by Benjamin of Mojo Audio.
    I have no personal experience with this device but he knows digital.
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    Thanks, man. Yeah, that M2TECH HiFace stuff keeps popping up in my reading, mostly just casual at this point. Probably need to dive into the research a little deeper.

    Seems an overlooked/obsolete segment these days as a lot of people have moved on to more advanced DACs that already have a USB option.

    There are lots of cheap options out there, but I get the sense that going that route will probably destroy the benefits I think USB's offering.
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    Topping D10 is 20% off for Prime Day and it does USB in -> Coax/Optical out.
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