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I was having a brain f-art the other night and pondered to myself: why is it that only the pin-blade SDAs can use the AI-1 or dreadnought? Why can't we employ the same tech to each wire of the blade-blade SDAs? It's just a matter of transformer decoupling, as is used with the AI-1 and dreadnought, so why not double it?
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    Now that we have the correct terms, the reason the blade/blade versions cannot use the AI-1 or Dreadnought is because of the crossover circuit design.
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    The White Van versions use the AI-C or Dreadnautica (smells good, despite the name), and the Pin/Pin.
    The Blade only comes up when you try to back out of the sale.
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    Corrections employed.

    Ok, Jesse, I'll have to review the XO designs again. I must have missed something during the f-art :/
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    Scott i cant stop laughing :) too funny
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