SVS SB-1000 (2 for sale)

Used for 2 years in good condition. Black ash color. I actually have 2 for sale. They are a pair I used for stereo listening and they performed excellently. If you want both, we could work out a deal.

Looking for $350 each. Located in Milwaukee, but willing to meet if you're in the area. Thanks.


  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 7,072
    Do you have original packaging and would you be willing to ship? Due to the compact size I don’t think shipping it would be too cost probibitive.

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  • factorzfactorz Posts: 353
    I do have the packaging and would be willing to ship at the buyers expense as long as they have over 100 posts. Forgot to mention that paypal is fine. Thanks.
  • John MegadethJohn Megadeth Posts: 2,179
    This is a killer deal if shipping is an option. There's one in the SVS outlet for $479, and new ones are $500.
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 353
    They are in good shape so I wanted to be realistic with my price. Great subs and would love to keep them, but I'm no longer going to have a 2 channel space. Going to dip my toes in the headphone waters. Anyone have any experience or advice shoot me a PM.
  • ArsenalFCArsenalFC Posts: 50
    I might very well be interested. Probably not in both, unfortunately. I'll send you a DM.
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 353
    1 is spoken for, but still have 1 for sale. Who needs a little bass in their life?
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 353
    Still have 1. Any interest before I move to other sites. Thanks.
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