Chicago area - Dinner with Halo

I'm inviting those who can come to have dinner with our own Victor (HALO) tomorrow (Monday, June 18th).

Probably at the Laredo Rosemont at 9797 W. Higgins. We haven't got a time nailed down yet.

Give me a shout via PM if you think you can make it.
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  • lightman1
    lightman1 Posts: 10,756
    Boogers! I'm in North Carolina this weekend!
  • Clipdat
    Clipdat Posts: 12,268
    I'd be there for sure if I was local. Have fun guys!
  • heiney9
    heiney9 Posts: 24,930
    Too short notice. Have fun guys!

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  • tonyb
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    I'd love to but I have stuff to do already. Why a Monday ?
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  • ALL212
    ALL212 Posts: 1,525
    Stuff?...STUFF! bajeezus.... what kind of priority is that? Sir Halo is on a short vacation and this is his free night. 7pm - just be there...
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  • agfrost
    agfrost Posts: 2,412
    I wish I could make it--it's certainly close enough to do & I'd like to see you both but we're having a bit of a family crisis here and I cannot get away...
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  • ALL212
    ALL212 Posts: 1,525
    Anytime you get back up this way and have time just let us know.

    Good times - good friends!!
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  • teekay0007
    teekay0007 Posts: 2,289
    Pics, or it didn’t happen!
  • Joey_V
    Joey_V Posts: 8,334
    Ah I missed this.

    We are visiting Chicago July 7 for 5 days. Maybe next time
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