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  • verb
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    Looking good Doc! 😀
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  • teekay0007
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    Funny...I recently (not kidding) had a dream about this amp - and no, that doesn't mean it's the amp of my dreams! Get no ideas, Hardy! If I remember right, the gist of the dream was that someone's house was torched by the amp's flaming tendencies. Somehow though, I thought it had made its original appearance at CP by Drew.

    Anyhoo...glad you're having some fun with it, Mark. It does look kind of cool - not temp-wise! - in the pic above. You are keeping a fire extinguisher handyish, no?
  • mhardy6647
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    Careful... it could be yours... bwahahahahahaaaaaa!

    The nearest fire extinguisher here is about 50 feet away, but... if the amp blazes, it goes out the window onto the driveway (which is nonflammable)!
  • Dr_Wu
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    Gracious gesture, verb! Good karma to ya.