PSW505 Strange Behaviour-HELP!


My PSW505 randomly stopped switching from AUTO to ON mode. The sub’s light on its rear does not turn green even if I manually put on the ON mode. I’ve double checked everything is connected as it should and I haven’t made any changes to the settings in my AVR (subwoofer On, all 7 speakers set as “small”, crossover 80 Hz) and the rest of my HT equipment works just fine.

Yesterday I unplugged my sub from the wall for three hours until I came back from work. I tried switching it to ON mode and to my surprise the light on the sub's rear turned green. I played some YouTube videos and the subwoofer was playing again just fine.

This morning I went downstairs to see if the sub was still working and the light on its rear is red even though the switch was left to ON. I tried playing some content to see if the sub would kick in and it won't. The light stays red hence no sound comes out from the sub

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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