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Saw a quip browsing PS Audio today from the man himself, about "silver bullets" as it pertains to audio. Couldn't agree more...

The silver bullet
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March 4, 2018 by Paul McGowan

The Lone Ranger had them. They are required for the killing of a werewolf. Audiophiles search for them.

A silver bullet is a metaphor for a simple, magical, solution to a difficult problem. Like penicillin.

As hard as we search, and as much as we’d like to find a magical fix for our system’s shortcomings, silver bullets are rare.

In my 45 years of high-end audio, I have never found a silver bullet in equipment. No cable, conditioner, cartridge, speaker, room, or secret formula ever impressed me as a magical panacea.

The closest yet is a good set of ears; a willingness to learn; a penchant for experimentation; a thirst for reaching higher ground.

Maybe the silver bullet is called passion.
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    I have belonged to his newspaper and post for many years. It is just one more book in the library to have so to speak. He plays on a much higher field than i ever will but its good to have perspective so to speak

    Heck most here play on a much higher playing field than I so nothing new there.
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    I agree....I found myself recently in one of those pointless Emotiva debates on a FB post...which then turned into a cable debate of sorts. My next response will be 'just be open minded'....
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    I subscribe to PS Audios Copper magazine. It has some good stuff.
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    I'm a huge fan of Paul and the way he does business. He's very accessible and down to earth. I also like that, from a product design approach, he's gotten some great people to come onboard and given them autonomy to create.
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