Multiple Omni S6's connect - only 1 plays music

I have 2 Omni S6 Speakers, in the same room. They've been working as a 'stereo pair' for about a year. last week, one stopped playing music. both show connected still to the app on the phone.

I can unpair them and select them both. App shows that they are both connected. lights are on on both. volume controls work on both. only one plays music. I can switch the primary speaker to either one and it plays, but the secondary stops.

getting same results using DTS iPhone app and the Polk Omni iPhone app. Same when switch to iPad.

I don't know what else to try. I feel like I've done all the hardware combinations I can think of.



  • breischaftbreischaft Posts: 6
    I've now tried with the other 6 Polk Omni devices we have. same story. it used to be I could play throughout the house at one time, using the app and the volume buttons to adjust individual speakers. now, only one will play at a time.

    Interestingly, I can play one Music Service to the Left S6 from iPad while I play another Music service to the Right S6 from iPhone. just can't get one service from one device to multiple speakers.

    What's up with that? Customer Service, please help!
  • breischaftbreischaft Posts: 6
    Customer service?
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