No power in RM750 subwoofer

I've had my RM750 sub for several years, but recently it just stopped working. Its not getting any power (light no longer comes on)..could it just be a fuse? If so, is this something easy to replace? BTW, I've confirmed its not the outlet.


  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,686
    It could be the AC fuse, especially if there have been power interruptions where you live. The fuse will either be located on the inside of the amp's input plate or on the outside near where the power cord would unplug. If inside remove the power cord from the wall outlet and take out all the screws that go around the circumference of the input plate. Then use a putty knife to loosen the input plate and pry it away from the cabinet. The fuse will be near where the power cord goes through the plate. If the fuse is heavily blackened then likely the power amp is defective and replacing the fuse will not solve the problem. If the fuse wire is just separated then replace it with the exact value.
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