Sennheiser HD800s cable build

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Had the Mainline hooked to the 650’s and was happy with the bass (some complain that the Mainline is bass weak). Thought about that as I usually listen with the 800’s. Realized that I was using a stock cable with the 800’s.

So... Sir Halo and I traded services for the last 12 feet of the cloth techflex leftovers and I bought the Furutech 800 ends and 1/4 plug.

High heat is the trick on the Furutech 1/4 end and pre-tin the microfrickinscopic 800 end pins. Breaking in now but it’s better by a long shot. WTF with stock cables?!

The microfrickinscopic end compared to an rca end that was laying around. This was the easy end!

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