Wireless earbuds what I found to be the best or most practical

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Hello long time no post..

So what if any wireless earbuds do you folks use?

I’ve been on a mission over the last 2 and a bits months to find a set that I liked as I was done with wires and having then pull out of my ears when I was using them.
I tried 5 difference ones.
We don’t have a huge selection up here but there are some, so what I did till Best Buy shut me down was to buy a set use them for a week return them and and buy another set. And bye the way they are not cheap.

Boses soundsport
Sony in ear
Jay bird run
Jabra elite
The ones listed above all had good features and bad ones of course.I should point out I wasn’t expecting great sound just decent and most of them achieved that but they fell short for one reason or another of apples airpods

And those are the ones that I liked the most and now use every day at work and puttering around the house super convenient sounds good not great, they don’t fall out,kind of ugly and most importantly it gives my Co-Workers something to make fun of because thats the kind of A$$holes they are LOL, but at 57 and bald I just don’t give a rat A$$ about my looks.

If anyone was thinking about getting a pair I say go for it.



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    I use the Power beats 3. I have had many in ear ear buds and I find these to be the best all around. I wasn't looking for audiophile quality as I use them to go Mountain bike riding, Gym and sometimes when I'm using my laptop. I'm no head phone kinda guy but I really like the Power Beats 3's. They actually don't sound that bad. They have amazing range. I left my phone on the Tread mill one day and went into the locker room and the music never cut off. The locker room was easy 60-70 feet away and through walls and the locker room has metal lockers surrounding the outer walls.
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    OMG you gotta check out the first question on amazon about the power breast 3...
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    rooftop59 wrote: »
    OMG you gotta check out the first question on amazon about the power breast 3...

    I just added my 2 cents. :p