HDMI arc not working

Hello everyone, I recently received the magnifi mini and love the unit, however, hdmi arc does not work at all with my lg 4K tv. Already tried adjusting all the settings for audio on the tv and connected to google home. I currently have firmware version 20 installed. I hope the folks at Polk are reading these posts.


  • I used to do Dish satellite installations. I had nothing but trouble with ARC on all makes models etc. You are better off just using the optic out to sound. It is easier and very clean and will do what you want.
  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 1,312
    I was struggling with ARC with my OPPO 103D and the Panny plasma just recently. Turned out to be the cable wasn't HDMI 1.4 ..I thought it was.

    Not sure of HDMI 1.4 is the minimum or 1.3..pretty sure its 1.4.
  • Good point. I think most of the cheapo cables that come with equipment prob aren't the 1.4 grade.
  • Make sure the HDMI CEC functions are all turned on your TV also.

  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 1,312
    On my Panasonic, there's 3 HDMI inputs, only one has ARC. Once I hooked it up, I had to change the TV volume/audio to "Home Theater" instead of 2ch.
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