PSW 110 Powered Sub Woofer Heartbeat Problem

My powered sub woofer began broadcasting a faint but audible heartbeat. The sound occurs when connected to any power outlet in the house. The heartbeat is present when the AV Receiver and all connected components are off or disconnected. The heartbeat is present without the Line In cable connected. I attached a CD player using known good RCA cables and played a relatively new CD. I could hear the baseline but it was somewhat distorted with static. I could not hear any other music from the CD. The sub woofer is not yet 5 years old. Thoughts/Suggestions?


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    The problem is a defective bass amplifier and would have to be repaired or replaced. Where do you live? In the U.S. or elsewhere?
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    Contact Polk customer service and see if they can get you a new plate amp. This is a common issue with a common resolution. Send an email, then immediately call their hotline.
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    Thanks for both replies. Reside in US
  • EWFEWF Posts: 5
    CS already contacted Ref# 180116-000994 no response to emails to 1-800#.
  • I too have just been seeking knowledge on my ghostly heartbeat. My son informed me tonight that he'd been hearing it over the past week plus and decided that now was a good time to mention it. Looks like I'll be contacting CS Monday for an amp as well. This is indeed frustrating, I was planning on hosting a few nights this week for NHL and NBA finals in my theater. My sub was purchased and installed late September 2014. Use has been average and by no means excessively loud, unfortunately, since my wife and I don't seem to agree on what appropriate movie volume is. I'd like to get this resolved quickly as the seven other speakers are matched Polk's as well.
  • Just got off the phone with CS. Told that I need to remove and send in. It will be down for two weeks and will cost about $80. I now fully understand why people just by a new sub outright. Why not send me a new one and I can ship the defective one back? Clearly this is an issue. If they want, they could supply customers with reman units to those of us on the cusp or out of warranty.
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